About Bill Clevlen

by bclevlen

“Traveling across America and telling the stories of great people and places is the thrill of a lifetime” says Bill Clevlen.

“Bill On The Road” was born in 2013 after becoming fed up with so many negative stories, focusing on bad things about cities and states – instead of highlighting the positives.

Clevlen started in broadcasting at the age of 20 while hosting a daily comedy segment on the most listened to radio show in St. Louis, Missouri – Frank O Pinion & The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon.  He’s worked for KMOV-TV, been a “soft rock” radio announcer, and co-host/announcer of the Mid-America Emmy Awards.

Currently, Bill shares road trip stories nationally on SiriusXM satellite radio, several syndicated travel programs, television newscasts, as well as major media outlets like The Los Angeles Times.   He is the author of the popular travel guide – 100 Things To Do In America Before You Die and his latest book – Driving Across America.

Clevlen is currently an Active Director serving on the board of the Midwest Travel Journalists Association (MTJA) – the oldest travel writing organization in the U.S.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing Pickleball and watching comedy shows like The Office and Family Guy.

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