In-N-Out: What You Need To Know About The Original Location

A Little History About The First In-N-Out

It’s been a favorite fast food restaurant for southern California locals and visitors alike for decades. And you may have wondered where to find the first In-N-Out location. Now fans from nearby or around the world, can pay homage to the chain’s humble begins when they visit the In-N-Out museum in Baldwin Park.

The first In-N-Out was a tiny store, barely 10 square feet in size, and opened in 1948. As the original In-N-Out location is now underneath a freeway overpass, the building had to be torn down. When Interstate 10 came through Baldwin Park, this replica was built to look exactly like the original In-N-Out location which was across the street.

original in-n-out location
where is the first In N Out

What You’ll Find At The In-N-Out Museum

The large marquee above the In-N-Out Museum (which appears bigger than the replica store itself) promotes “no delay” for hungry customers. The order window sits directly across from a cigarette machine, a throw back to a much different period of time.

The two-way speaker for the first In-N-Out located in front was revolutionary and perhaps the first of its kind out west. Founder Harry Snyder wanted customers to cycle through faster instead of ordering and then waiting at the window while a line of cars formed down the block. He tinkered with the idea in his garage and introduced the new technology just months after opening.

Inside the Original In-N-Out Museum visitors will find props to pose for Instagrammable photos. You can hand a fake double-double burger out the window to your friend if you choose. You can try your hand on the french fry crank, or simply look at black and white photos from the early days when classic cars were rolling under the red and white canopy out front.

Here’s When The In-N-Out Museum Is Open:

The In-N-Out museum is only open a few days each week. Currently, the operating hours are Thursday-Sunday from 11-2. You’ll want to come during those times otherwise a large gate out front will prohibit you from getting close.

An ariel view of the Original In-N-Out Burger Museum in Baldwin Park, CA
first In N Out location
In-N-Out employee “Lydia” proudly shares the company’s history for visitors stopping by the first In-N-Out location.
The interior is exactly as the original built in 1948.

Right down the street, fans can find the In-N-Out Company Store with merchandise like hats and t-shirts. The company’s training headquarters – In-N-Out University is also located nearby.

Best of all, a working In-N-Out restaurant is just a short walk away. So grab yourself some lunch before or after your tour. Or, perhaps bring your food along and eat on the picnic tables near the museum. Just don’t forget the milkshakes!

first In-N-Out burger
Future In-N-Out employees train here at In-N-Out University
The In-N-Out Company Store is located down the street from the museum

To learn more about In-N-Out’s humble beginnings and store history you can visit their official website. To find In-N-Out merchandise you can visit their company store online.

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