I Love Lucy – How To Find Lucy’s Hometown Sites

People still love Lucille Ball and want to see where the First Lady of comedy grew up. For any fan, it’s fun to visit and find Lucy’s hometown sites in and around Jamestown, New York. From statues to childhood homes and murals, Lucy’s hometown still has plenty of sites that trace back to her time in the northeast. Even her final resting place draws thousands of visitors each year.

1. Where Did Lucille Ball Live in Jamestown?

Lucy’s hometown was Jamestown, New York. She was born at 69 Stewart Avenue. The home is now a private residence and not open for tours though you can drive by and take photos. She was born in this house, which was owned by her grandparents, on August 6, 1911.

Lucille Ball’s childhood home is located at 59 Lucy Lane. She lived in this house with her mother (DeDe), her brother (Fred), and her grandfather. (Fred Hunt). This house is also a private residence but the owners have been known to offer a personal tour occasionally.

If you drive by the her childhood home on Lucy Lane, you’ll see a really cool mural painted on the garage. It resembles one of Lucy’s dresses!

Birthplace of Lucille Ball – 69 Stewart Avenue in Jamestown, NY
Lucy’s childhood home at 59 Lucy Lane in Jamestown, NY
Lucille Ball Hometown Tour: The  garage of her childhood home has a painted dress.
The garage of Lucy’s childhood home is painted like one of Lucy’s iconic dresses.

2. Where Is The I Love Lucy Statue Located?

There are actually two Lucille Ball statues in Jamestown. Both of them are located at Lucille Ball Memorial Park. You may have heard that the original Lucy statue was shall we say, a little frightening looking. It actually earned the nickname “scary Lucy” and was moved away from the center of the park. The newest statue debuted in 2016 and looks amazing!

As a teen, Lucy worked as a hot dog vendor back when this area was the site of the Celeron Amusement Park. Today it’s mostly just green space with a walking trail and some picnic tables. There’s a small baseball field on the corner. It’s a nice, peaceful space to enjoy some downtime and there’s an ice cream shop across the street.

The park is located at 21 Boulevard Avenue.

Lucy's hometown statue is located in Lucille Ball Memorial Park

3. Where Is Lucille Ball’s Gravesite?

Lucille Ball was originally buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in the Los Angeles area. However, in 2003 her ashes were moved to Lakeview Cemetery at 907 Lakeview Avenue. Ball’s relatives – including her parents, grandparents, and brother are laid to rest nearby.

It’s quite easy to find her gravesite. Once you enter the gates, look for the red hearts painted on the roads. The hearts will lead you to the grave which is only about 50 feet away from the curb. You can’t miss it.

The hearts make it super easy to find Lucille Ball’s grave in Jamestown.

4. Where To Find Lucille Ball Murals in Jamestown

Jamestown has some really cool Lucy murals! The mural that gets the most attention is located at 35 Harrison Street. It’s called “California, Here We Come!” It’s huge and said to be the biggest in the world! Fitting that its located in Lucy’s hometown. It’s easy to get to if you’re coming from downtown near the Lucy/Desi Museum or the National Comedy Center.

In fact all of the murals are pretty easy to get to. Just a pro-tip – do NOT skip putting some change in the parking meters, even if you’re going to just run and grab a quick photo. I thought I’d be slick and just hurry back to the car one afternoon and returned with a parking ticket on my windshield! (While I can’t prove it personally – several locals told me they believe parking officials hide out in certain buildings just waiting to pounce on visitors that don’t pay the fee. Kinda tacky if it’s true, but I suppose it’s also tacky to not put a quarter into the meter and cover the five minutes you’ll be snapping a photo.)

Here are the addresses of all of the murals:

Job Switching: 20 E 3rd Street; Vitameatavegamin and Lucy & Desi: 306 Spring Street; Lucy & Desi Stamp: 300 E 3rd Street; California, Here We Come: 35 Harrison Street.

The largest I Love Lucy mural in the world is in Jamestown NY
The California Here We Come mural in Jamestown is said to be the largest I Love Lucy mural in the world!

5. Where is the Lucille Ball Museum?

The Lucille Ball Museum is actually called the “Lucy Desi Museum” and it’s located in two separate galleries on the same street. The first location is 10 West 3rd Street where you can buy your tickets and tour a set of exhibits that feature some of Lucy’s wardrobe as well as some personal items and a bit about her and the family’s early days before show business.

The second gallery is located at 2 West 3rd Street and features very cool exact replica sets from I Love Lucy. The sets include their New York apartment and the set from their Hollywood Hotel Room. You can buy tickets here as well but its best to do the other building first, in my opinion.

Pro Tip: You can buy a dual ticket to the National Comedy Center (which is amazing!) and save some money on admission to the Lucy Desi Museum.

The Lucy Desi Museum has an exact replica of the set from I Love Lucy in its East Gallery
Visitors can see Lucy’s Mercedes on display!
Lucy’s gowns and other pieces of her wardrobe are on display.

6. Where Should I Stay in Jamestown?

You have some really great options when it comes to lodging in Chautauqua County! The local tourism office has a rundown of bed and breakfasts, hotels, and campsites.

During my visit, I stayed at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel which was absolutely amazing! The hotel has spacious guest rooms, an awesome waterfront view and incredible dining. I enjoyed two meals during my visit and both were first class. My server, Michelle, was also a fan of road trips so I enjoyed getting to visit with her as I dined on the beautiful outdoor patio both nights at sunset. The hotel is also within walking distance of the Lucille Ball statues at the Memorial Park and about a 5 minute drive from her childhood home.

7. Is There Anything Else To See in Jamestown?

There is so much more to see and do when you’re visiting Jamestown and exploring Chautauqua County, New York! From hiking to other popular attractions like the National Comedy Center – you have plenty of options to keep you busy during your visit.

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