YOLO Electric Bikes in South Walton, Florida

YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the company known best for its popular stand-up paddle boards. Branching out to other recreational activities, with the same “get outside and play” mentality, founder Jeff Archer is excited about electric bicycles.

“The electric bikes get people to stay outdoors just a little bit longer than they might with a traditional bike” says Archer. “A 10 mile ride can turn into 20 miles with the help of the extra power.”

With the Founder of YOLO – Jeff Archer in South Walton, Florida

During my first visit to Florida’s South Walton region, I met Mr. Archer to explore Grayton Beach State Park on YOLO electric bikes. The only problem? I had not been on a bicycle in about five years.

“It’ll come right back to you” said Mr. Archer.

Yeah, right.

The bikes themselves are quite stylish. It feels more like a machine than the bike you grew up riding around your neighborhood as a kid. The tires are fatter and the body itself seems larger. There’s obviously a battery pack which sits behind the seat.

“When we were kids, we didn’t ride bikes for a work out – we just wanted to go play. And that’s what we’re trying to accomplish – getting folks back out into nature and playing again” says Archer.

With the electric component added to the bike, you notice the boost while going uphill or on rough terrain like sand or gravel. You can pedal normally if you choose, or the bike’s electric power can do the work. Most people will want to find a healthy balance of both.

The scenery all through out South Walton makes a perfect setting to give these bikes a try. There are an endless amount of bike trails and with the electric bikes – you can check out trails off the beaten path that a regular bike wouldn’t be able to easily navigate. The scenery is beautiful but varied around each of the 16 beach neighborhoods.

And it turns out the old saying is pretty accurate. I did in fact remember how to ride. I just didn’t remember how to stop.

To learn more about South Walton visit their tourism website: visitsouthwalton.com

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