Dig This Las Vegas: Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for unique things to do that aren’t on the busy Las Vegas strip, Dig This is a fun, family-friendly activity and an experience you won’t soon forget! The hands-on tourist attraction is also great for team building outings, training, and might even be on your personal bucket list. The best part is that you won’t even have to walk through a casino to get there!

Before I share my Dig This Las Vegas review, here’s some background information on this interesting tourist attraction that’s become quite popular with visitors!

Dig This Las Vegas

What Is Dig This in Las Vegas?

Dig This is a heavy equipment playground in Las Vegas south of the famous Vegas Strip. Guests are trained to use large construction vehicles and gain hands-on experience driving, rotating, operating controls, and moving large objects. And yes, obviously – you’ll be digging!

Who Owns Dig This?

Ed Mumm is the owner of Dig This, an idea that came to life in 2006. The first Dig This location was in Colorado but was later moved to Las Vegas in 2011. Mumm, a New Zealand native was inspired to open his own heavy equipment playground after using these same machines to build his own house in Steamboat Springs.

Dig This Las Vegas Review

Before visiting Dig This in Las Vegas, I had never experienced being behind the controls of one of these massive construction machines. My review of Dig This comes after spending a morning behind the controls of a large Caterpillar excavator under the guidance of instructor Phil Welch.

Once you slip into a stylish safety vest and watch a short introductory film, you’re escorted out onto the Dig This “heavy equipment playground”. We’ve all seen these massive machines in our daily lives, but climbing inside of one for the first time is quite a rush.

The instructor will talk to you through headphones and share the basics of how to move around in the machine. They’ll point out the controllers and some easy tricks to remember which lever to push or pull to get you where you want to go. Don’t be ashamed if you find that you really don’t remember your left hand from your right.

My Three Dig This Challenges:

During my visit, I had several tasks to complete that were both challenging and enjoyable. Simply digging dirt and moving it to an adjacent pile was the first mission of the day. It certainly looks easy, but it takes some patience to get all of the controllers moving in the correct direction. You’re also opening and closing the large shovel and its teeth.

After that, my instructor guided me to pick up heavy tires and carry them across the way to be stacked in a pyramid. Again, it looks quite simple but it takes a certain finesse to properly pick them up. Dropping one of these 800 pound tires from the air could cause serious damage if it bounces back toward the vehicle.

And lastly, the challenge I enjoyed most was picking up a basketball off a hazard cone and dropping it into a tire. Think of it like using the claw machine at an arcade and trying to drop the prize into the small opening. It takes a little patience and some proper guidance, which you’re sure to receive, to achieve the task.

Dig This review


Overall, you’ll spend about 50 minutes inside one of these machines which is plenty of time to get a real feel for how they work. While the tasks are challenging, they aren’t so tough that you’re likely to get frustrated. The instructors are great at giving easy to follow directions to help you succeed.

Dig This is such a wonderful concept that lets the general public gain some appreciation and understanding of what goes into construction projects. It’s also just a lot of fun controlling one of these gigantic machines.

It’s not an inexpensive activity but personally, I’d rather enjoy an experience like this than throw away money at a casino. You’ll walk away with an understanding of these machines and have a great story to share when you return home from Las Vegas.

Dig This Las Vegas Reviews

What Does It Cost?

Dig This Las Vegas costs start as low at $175 to use a Skid Steer Track Loader and go all the way up to $749 for a one-of-a-kind “aggression session” where you can smash a car!

The average price is around $299 to use a wheel loader, excavator, or bulldozer.

Occasionally, you can find Dig This Las Vegas coupons on sites like Groupon.

Where Is Dig This Located?

The company’s heavy equipment playground is located south of the Las Vegas strip on Roban Avenue.

What Are The Age Limits?

Even kids can learn how to operate heavy machinery in Las Vegas! Dig This welcomes children as young as 2 years old (with parents help) to operate some of the smaller machines on-hand. Depending on the machines, kids as young as 8 can operate on their own. There are plenty of safety precautions put into place, including remote start/stop functionality to make sure nothing goes wrong.

How To Get Signed Up?

You will need to sign up for a Dig This activity online. Don’t just show up. Their website can walk you through all of the options available and will guide you into a time slot that works for you. You’ll want to select an individual dig for yourself or your friends and family. Guests can come along and watch you participate as well.

Dig This is open daily and the vehicles are air conditioned so you can enjoy the activity in the summer, too!

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