Indy’s Sports Legends Experience

Just when you thought the world famous Children’s Museum of Indianapolis couldn’t get any better – they did.  Their brand new interactive outdoors exhibit, called the Sports Legends Experience, is truly incredible.

With childhood obesity at all time highs, the new addition comes at the perfect time.  (Less than half of all American children are getting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.)   Families are encouraged to try their hand at all of the various sports challenges.  In other words, put down the phones, turn off the computer, and learn how much fun it is to be outside and play games.

On a recent swing through Indy, I stopped in to try some of the experiences for myself.  My Dad happened to be along for the ride – making the perfect team mate (or competitor, in some instances.)  We tried our hand at most of the activities – shooting basketballs, kicking field goals, blocking soccer balls, hitting baseballs and even putting a golf ball.

Stepping into Wiese Field, a miniature version of a baseball stadium, I couldn’t help but wish I could afford to have an identical set up in my own backyard.  The staff member asked if we’d like to bat, pitch or field.  After cranking out a couple of home runs over the fence – I decided to move on to another challenge.

Turns out baseball is my sport of choice as I was pretty much a failure at all of the others.  I couldn’t kick a soccer ball, and definitely couldn’t put the football through the upright.  I did almost sink a hole in one on the golf course – but that was a short lived moment of excitement.

As you’d expect in Indiana – both racing and basketball are dominant sections of the Sports Legends Experience.  While the racing activities aren’t motorized, and instead operated by push pedals, it’s still a lot of fun.   (I even lost a racing challenge to my Dad, who no doubt had to have cheated.)

Attention to detail in each section is beyond impressive.  The football field has the Colts logo on the turf and feels authentic.  Same for the soccer field, hockey rink, and tennis courts.  The prime example is the miniature golf course, which was designed by professional golf notables – Pete & Alice Dye.  (Each hole is designed as a small version of a famous course they’ve designed.)

While the majority of the new addition is situated outdoors on 7.5 acres – don’t forget to check out the indoor sports art and interactive exhibits.

The best part of the whole thing is that there’s no additional cost to visit!  As long as you purchase a ticket to visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, your admission to the Sports Legends Experience is included.

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