Here’s What To Know About The Orioles Park Tour

As a baseball fan, it’s always fun when I’m presented with the opportunity to see other professional baseball stadiums in different U.S. cities.  During a stop in Baltimore, I enjoyed the Orioles Park tour at Camden Yards – home of the American League baseball team – the Baltimore Orioles.

While you would think every stadium is pretty much the same – you’d be wrong. Everything from the views and decor to the way teams celebrate their heritage and heroes – makes each team’s stadium a new and fun experience.

orioles park tour
A vintage press guide on display in the lobby of Orioles Park

Just beyond the front offices and outfield of Oriole’s Park you’ll find a statue of Babe Ruth and monuments representing players who have had their numbers retired by the club.

We were warmly greeted in the lobby of the Oriole’s main office by a jubilant security guard named Willie and proceeded on a fun tour of Orioles Park.

This particular stadium is interesting because it was the first in what’s become a long line of new baseball stadiums in America. Many of the new parks that have popped up across the country were modeled after what Baltimore created. On the Orioles Park tour you’ll notice that the seats are closer to the field than ever before. And like Baltimore, the outfield views in other stadiums now have unique scoreboards and most cities show off a portion of their downtown skyline.

The suite level at Orioles Park is one of the best I’ve seen – even among some of the newer stadiums I’ve visited.  The floors are beautiful, it’s spacious and even the trash cans – with their unique Oriole lids made the experience fun.

This has to hurt. The Press Box dry erase board still shows the score of the final game of 2014 played here. Kansas City beat Baltimore 6-4 in the ALCS on October 11th.

The Orioles Park Tour for the general public is where you will see the press box, broadcast booth and get to step into the dugout and onto the field.  Being a National League baseball fan – I wasn’t familiar with all of the players or particularly impressed by the team memorabilia – but, that’s simply because I don’t follow the Orioles during the year.  An American League follower and certainly a team fan would be very amused by the team’s wall of fame – which interestingly enough includes die hard fans as well.

FUN FACT: A group of orioles are collectively known as a “pitch” and a “split” of orioles.

It was a brutally cold afternoon during our visit – so we only spent a few minutes on the field.  It’s always amazing to me, whether I’m on the field at Busch Stadium in Saint Louis where I call home – or on a field like the one in Baltimore – the perfection of the grass.  I’ve always wondered if the guys that do such an incredible job taking care of these fields have lawns at home that look like total crap.  Someone should look into that.

orioles park tour

Looking into the outfield, past the massive scoreboard you see the old B&O Railroad warehouse building where the team’s front office is located along with stores.  That building was completed in 1905 and according to our tour guide Chris – is almost as tall as the Empire State Building – that is if the Empire State Building were on its side.  The Warehouse holds the honor of the longest brick building in the United States – east of the Mississippi River.

Most people call the stadium Camden Yards though the official name is “Oriole’s Park at Camden Yards”.   It’s part of the larger Camden Yards Sports Complex which also includes the Raven’s home stadium – M&T Bank Stadium. After your Orioles Park tour, consider a visit to the birthplace of Babe Ruth. (You can get there by following the logos on the sidewalk.)

That museum, while not affiliated with the Orioles is worth checking out if you’re a die hard baseball fan, interested in the history of the game and seeing interesting, one of a kind collectibles. The neatest piece on display is a score book recording the first time Babe Ruth ever played baseball.

The Orioles organization was very kind during our visit and Orioles Park tour. I appreciate them letting me enjoy some time in another great Major League Baseball stadium. To check availability of tours, you can visit their website.

My high school buddy Matt joined me for the tour of the stadium. Here we are sitting in the team’s dugout.
A collection of Orioles Media Guides from past seasons

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