Real Life Scranton Locations Featured in The Office

While The Office building location is actually in Los Angeles, many of the other locations mentioned and featured in the storylines are real places in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Today, I’m going to help you find the real life locations featured in The Office!

While Dunder-Mifflin may not have been a real paper company, Pennsylvania Paper Company is! And it’s just one of the many spots highlighted on The Office Tour, a self-guided walking tour around Scranton.

Here are twelve must-see spots that should be instantly recognizable to any true fan of “The Office”:

1. Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe

Home of the good pizza! Yes, there really is an Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe – and they are quite popular in Scranton. In fact, pizza in general is quite popular in Lackawanna County. Alfredo’s pizza is a rectangle shaped pan style with a bit of gooey cheese that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

1040 S. Washington Avenue

2. Poor Richard’s Pub

Poor Richards is also a real place but its location might surprise you. It’s tucked away in the back of a bowling ally. It’s actually a pretty good size pub with a decent amount of seats. However, I wouldn’t expect any servers to come wait on you. When I stopped by there was one gentleman running the bar and that was it. You might find some fun drink specials though. The “That’s What She Said” included vodka, peach schnapps, grenadine, and pineapple juice.

125 Beech Street

3. The Steamtown Mall

It’s actually called “The Marketplace at Steamtown” and it happens to be where the famous “Scranton Welcomes You” sign is located. It was moved from the street because tourists were causing traffic jams and getting hit by cars while taking selfies. Now visitors can pose with the sign on the second floor of the mall. Just go up the escalator and turn left. The bookstore has some Dunder Mifflin merch as well.

300 Lackawanna Avenue

scranton welcomes you sign

4. Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Co.

There really is a paper company in Scranton but it’s not called Dunder Mifflin. The Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company has been around for over 100 years! If you look up, you’ll see “Penn Paper” on the building’s tower but you’ll also see the “Dunder Mifflin” logo on the side facing the street. A bit of a nod to the show that put this place on the map. I was told they may have a small amount of Office themed “stuff” to look at, but I didn’t go inside on my visit.

215 Vine Street

5. Coopers

This seafood restaurant is a popular local spot as well as a top spot for visitors making their way through Scranton. It’s almost as much of a museum as it is a restaurant. You’ll see the gigantic heads of The Office cast in the rear parking lot and a huge gift shop inside with all sorts of fun Office collectibles. Whether you need a pair of Schrute Farms socks or a Jim Halpert comic book – they’ve got you covered!

701 N. Washington

6. Dundie Award

Head to Scranton City Hall and you’ll find a gigantic Dundie award that was gifted to the city for being “the best hometown of The Office” from NBC Universal. It’s literally sitting in the hallway between the front door and the inner doors to City Hall. You won’t even disturb the Mayor if you pop in and pose for pictures with it.

340 N. Washington

7. Houdini Museum

In Season 8 (episode 19), Nellie makes it clear that she is not impressed with the Houdini Museum in Scranton. Turns out there actually is a Houdini museum and turns out that it’s quite interesting! Loaded with Houdini memorabilia and artifacts – it includes handcuffs and costumes used by the magician himself as well as a stage for real magic shows. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have the museum’s Director give you a guided tour so you can hear things about Houdini you never knew!

1433 N. Main Avenue

8. Dwight Schrute Mural

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!” But, someone stole Dwight’s face and plastered it on a big wall on the side of an antique mall/thrift shop/art gallery combo called On & On. There’s a small parking lot and the store has a handful of Office merch inside.

1138 Capouse Avenue

9. The Office Cast Mural

All of your favorite cast members from The Office make an appearance on this super cool mural located right down the street from the “Steamtown Mall”. I happened to be there the day they finished up putting it on the wall and people were so excited! It’s huge!

the new office mural in scranton

10. Electric City Sign

Scranton is referred to as “the electric city” for being the first place electric lights were introduced in 1880 at the Dickson Manufacturing Company. In 1886, the United States’ first successful streetcars powered only by electricity began operating in Scranton. The sign lights up (naturally) at dusk and is a popular photo op near the courthouse square downtown.

507 Linden Street

11. Anthracite Heritage Museum

In Season 1 (episode 3) and Season 3 (episode 8) – Scranton’s Anthracite Heritage Museum is mentioned in the show. Anthracite is another name for “hard coal” or “black coal”. The museum tells the story of coal mining in Lackawanna County and displays exhibits about the hard work and hardships endured by coal miners in the region. The museum’s director mentioned that people have been known to call and ask for a piece of anthracite because they heard about it on the show.

22 Bald Mountain Road

12. Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

I had the pleasure of staying in this historic hotel during my visit to Scranton! It was once a train station and many of the original features are still in tact. The hotel has an incredibly beautiful lobby and 146 guest rooms. It opened in 1908 and was once the premier train station in Scranton. It’s also a great home base for walking around Scranton and discovering The Office sites!

Want to find other spots mentioned on The Office in Scranton? Lackawanna County Tourism offers a map of all the sights that you can pick up from their visitors center across the street from the hotel while you’re in town!

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