Getting Old Is Fun In Sun City, AZ
March 12

If Disney created a theme park for retired adults - it might look a lot like Sun City, Arizona.

5 Quirky Things To Do In Kansas City
February 18

From lunch by the oldest fountain to learning the history of a Slinky - here are 5 fun and quirky things to experience the next time you visit Kansas City, Missouri!

Presidents Day In Springfield, IL
February 12

Spend President's Day in Springfield, Illinois by visiting all of the amazing President Lincoln historic sites including his home, law office, burial site and Presidential Library.

How Time Flies In Louisville
January 27

Time flies in Louisville, Kentucky with so much to see and do. Louisville is everything we love about the south - charm, great food and nice people.

How To Tour The White House
January 05

Touring The White House is an amazing experience. Here are things you should know if you'd like to visit the most famous house in the world during a visit to Washington D.C.

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How To Experience The Grand Canyon
March 17

That first glance at one of North America's most beautiful natural wonders is something you'll never forget. But, there's a lot more to the Grand Canyon experience than just showing up and looking down.


Tabasco & Avery Island
March 18

Not far from New Orleans, Louisiana you'll find a special "mysteriously beautiful" place called Avery Island. It's best known as the place where Tabasco products are made.

Hopalong Cassidy Museum
March 14

In Cambridge, Ohio - one woman has made certain that the man who was once the biggest name in American TV , "Hopalong Cassidy" is never forgotten.

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
March 01

Kentucky loves its Bourbon. The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is in downtown Louisville and offers tourists a look at how bourbon is made!

Louisville Slugger Factory
February 28

Americans love their baseball! Louisville Slugger is the perfect tourist spot to see how bats are made and seeing an important part of baseball history up close. I chatted with Anne Jewel, the VP and Exec. Director of the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum.

Louisville Mega Cavern
February 27

Louisville Mega Cavern has the only underground zip lines in the world! But wait... there's more! Lots more. There's a reason Trip Advisor names this the top attraction in Louisville, Kentucky!

Hollywood Walk Of Fame
February 21

Every tourist in Los Angeles wants to see the iconic stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. But, chances are you have no idea about all of the planning that goes into each star, how much they cost and who can have one.

Milwaukee Public Market
February 21

Bill chats with Milwaukee Public Market's Operations Manager, Paul Schwartz about this unique and popular destination in Milwaukee's historic third ward neighborhood.


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