Saint Louis Celebrates 250 Years

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When you turn 250 years old - you're allowed to celebrate for an entire year.   That's what they're doing at the Missouri History Museum located in the Forest Park area of Saint Louis, Missouri.   Until February of 2015, guests will be able to explore a clever, out of the box exhibit that pays tribute to moments, both good and bad that help define Saint Louis. The exhibit is called 250 in 250.  The breakdown of the presentation is in five sections:  people, moments, places, images and objects. In each of the noted sections you'll find 50 different pieces of Saint…

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The Ten Worst States To Live In (Or Not?)

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If you were expecting to find a list of the top ten worst states to live in - I'm sorry to disappoint you. Recently, the news organization CNBC did however produce a list of "10 Worst States To Live In".  If you want to see their list, you'll have to look elsewhere because I'm not giving them any type of credit or web traffic.  The fact is, all of these lists are complete crap and perfectly illustrate how lazy so called "journalists" have become. The authors of this particular list -  Scott Cohn and Betsy Cline of CNBC get at…

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