• Eating Through A NYC Weekend

    Christine Zetzl, one of our "Friends On The Road" - visits NYC and finds out how much she can eat in a New York City weekend...

    December 16, 2014,
  • Old Town Alexandria

    While I'm sure not every single brick along the King Street sidewalks was here when George Washington frequented Alexandria, Virginia - it's easy to picture what this small town looked like when he did.

    December 12, 2014
  • 36 Hours In Baltimore

    Bill visits the city of Baltimore, Maryland and its inner harbor for 36 hours to take in the sights and sounds and historic places that make up the "Charm City" and home of the Star Spangled Banner!

    December 4, 2014

Must-See Sights For Your Next Road Trip!

The Newseum
November 28

A look inside one of Washington DC's most popular attractions - The Newseum


Commentary, Tips & Observations

Best Hospital Visit Ever
December 03

It was an honor to get a private tour of the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where so many incredible advances in modern day medicine and science have taken place.


Chicago Pizza Tours
December 13

Bill interviews Jonathan Porter of Chicago Pizza Tours about his small business that gives tourists a taste of all the different types of Chicago style pizza - beyond the deep-dish!

Odd, Fun Or Bizarre Stops

Even Purses Get A Museum
September 25

There's just one museum in the United States dedicated solely to purses - and it's called Esse Purse Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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